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10 Things That A Coffee Addict Can Relate To!

Who wants a hug when one can get a cup of coffee every time. A coffee addict would love have an endless supply of it. Well, a lot can happen over coffee!

Coffee is required for an awesome kick-start of the day to a lot of people, but then there are some who needs this at a regular interval, as they are addicted to it. So here are 10 things you can relate to if you are a coffee addict or know one:

Coffee! Latte

1. Morning is never complete without a cup of coffee:

You wake up when your alarm rings, but you totally feel fresh when you sip that hot/cold coffee. The sunshine feels brighter and the day more welcoming.

coffee gif


2. Coffee maker is very precious to you:

Everybody has that one thing which they love the most. For coffee lovers, it is the coffee-maker. You are really possessive about it and generally don’t like the sight of someone else using it or giving you an advice on how to maintain it or make better use of it.

coffee maker


3. You would never say a ‘No’ to coffee:

You can say “NO” to anything in the world except for coffee. 24×7 you welcome coffee with your wide-open arms. So if someone wants to date a coffee lover, all you need to do is ask him or her “Will you have a cup of coffee with me”, and the answer will never disappoint you (Find out if the person you have a crush on is a coffee lover or not).

coffee lover


4. Fresh grounded coffee smell is a huge turn on:

There are some fragrances, which can turn you on. But there’s nothing more than the fragrance of a freshly grounded coffee. Make a perfume of this scent and every coffee lover would love to invest their money in it.

coffee fragrance


5. Can talk about coffee for hours:

You would explain all about Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta (2 varieties) along with the places of cultivation and much more about coffee.

coffee talks


6. You would have tried all variations of it:

From instant coffee to filter coffee, from cappuccino to espresso, you name it and the coffee lover would have tried almost everything. And if not, then when you name it now, they would definitely go and try it.

coffee types


7. Making coffee is a holy activity for you:

Coffee at café is a different story but at home you would love to make your own coffee. So the entire activity from making it to enjoying the first sip is very important to you. When someone else insists on making it for you, it feels incomplete and a lot of times they won’t understand that for you – ‘Coffee making is an art’.

coffee art


8. Your mood swings are considered as ‘Lack of coffee’:

Your love for coffee has made it a taken-for-granted situation wherein if you get angry or sad or even have a headache, the first question asked is, “Did you miss your morning coffee today?”

coffee lover


9. Coffee is healthy:

Whatever the reality is, you always vouch for ‘your’ fact – Coffee isn’t unhealthy irrespective of the number of cups you’ve consumed even though in reality too much caffeine is not good.

coffee cups


10. Loves anyone who makes great coffee:

Anyone who makes a great cup of coffee, you instantly add them to your list favorite people.

coffee lover


A coffee lover might be happy to miss a date but not a cup of coffee which is naturally the best thing than anything else. Got your own coffee story? Share with us in the comment section below!

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