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9 Ways to Master that Undone Look

Gone are the days where how trendy you looked matter, now, it’s all about simplicity. These 9 ways will help you master the Undone Look.

The Undone Look; many of us assume that fashion and beauty are done best when we are done up, right?  But recent trends are proving otherwise. Simplicity in hair, dressing and makeup, a more natural look, is now a new trend.  After all the time we spent learning to perfectly blow out our hair with a round brush. Everywhere I look, my favorite fashion catalogs of celebs on the red carpet, their hair, and clothes are utterly undone. The imperfect or undone looks created this spring by a certain hair and makeup artists to contrast against the super-rich clothes.
Here is the 9 easiest ways to get the perfect Undone Look

1) Undone Look hair:

Undone hair
Setting your bangs free to let them move anywhere after keeping them in braids for a while before or in lazy buns are the best ways. Which you can achieve that classy #iwokeuplikethis look.

 2) Undone / Low-key makeup

undone makeup

I am into a natural look when it comes to wearing makeup, even though in the evening. I do like a groomed and slick “perfect” look. To achieve that invisible look wear  lip tints which are nude in color or something that matches the color of your lips. Don’t contour. Keep it simple and more natural.

3) Scrunch your sleeves

Scrunch your sleeves
Scrunching your sleeves up and that slightly tousled hair. What will be the best way to show them that you are nailing the game of undone look.

4) Wrinkled Shirts:

wrinkled shirt
Just don’t stress out when your shirt’s got few wrinkles. Take them as a blessing-they add character. The point is you’ll never look like you are trying too hard.

5) Simple yet Well-made T-shirts:

Simple yet Well-made T-shirts
Just remember you can never get enough from simple yet well-made T-shirts when it comes to pulling the undone look at its best.

6) Get That Moto Jacket

Get That Moto Jacket
Invest in a moto jacket that can be dressed up or down. In hurry? Grab your jacket after taking the keys while leaving the home and you are ready to go, girl.

6) Strategically show of skin

Strategically show of skin

Expose right amount of skin when it comes to mastering in undone or low-key makeup. Never let them know how much time you spent to get the look.

7) Get into something vintage

Get into something vintage

How else can you prove that you are winning the undone look game? You can stand out and shout aloud with your dressing that you don’t give a heck about the latest trend.

8) Layering and Draping

Layering and Draping
Embrace Layering and Draping, especially during cool months. One of the coolest way to carry the undone look with grace.

9) With Oversized Silhouette

With Oversized Silhouette
When in doubt, opt for oversized Silhouette. They are bang-on for that low-key looks.

Leave your comments below and let us know if you have any other Undone Look suggestions.