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Budget Outfits: 7 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe Without Costing A Rupee

Clothes for women are usually quite expensive. Also, you’d soon get bored wearing your same old clothes repetitively. And hence, this guide on budget outfits will rescue you from the hassle of mourning over your outdated wardrobe!

So ladies, We’ve all been there, standing in front of our closet, completely uninspired and in the need of some budget outfits. For the past few months (or longer, way longer), you’ve been wearing those same distressed jeans (now more distressed than ever), that same rotation of tops, and that ever-reliable LBD.While you could just dump it all on the curb and start anew, who has the funds for a complete closet overhaul?

The easiest of solutions would be devising budget outfits, simply wearing what you already have, but in different and unexpected ways. To help make your overall vibe feel fresh this spring, we’re highlighting seven creative style hacks using items you probably already have in your closet.

  • Budget Outfits – Pluck A Dress Over A Tighter Dress:-


Sure, you’re used to layering a shirt over another top, but what about two dresses? Doing so gives your look an extra dimension and gives the frock on top a new silhouette with an updated hem. Cool, eh? Well, this is how clothing on a budget actually works!

  • Budget Outfits – Use A Scarf in a different way:-


Scarves shouldn’t just be reserved for your neck. If you’re sick of your traditional, neutral blazer, give it a pop of color with a peek of a printed scarf coming out of one arm. Thus,these are some of those unique ways to experiment with budget outfits.

  • Budget Outfits – Wear a bra as an undershirt:-


Underwear as outerwear? Yes, yes, yes. Rather than slipping a cami or T-shirt under your sheer blouse, try a bra instead for a sultry vibe on a date night.

  • Budget Outfits – Wear your parka instead of your trench:-


There’s something stylishly offbeat about wearing a thicker parka when everyone around you tops off with a thin-layered trench. Talk about standing out. To keep from overheating, pair yours with cooler separates like your crop top and cropped jeans. Now, these are some stylish clothes on a budget.

  • Budget Outfits – Perfect your half tuck:-


It may seem standard to wear a white blouse / shirt every day, but you can instantly change it by perfecting your half-tuck skills. This look may feel disheveled, but when paired with sophisticated bottoms and add-ons it’s one of those surprisingly polished budget outfits.

  • Budget Outfits – Use an overcoat as an alternate suit jacket:-


Have to give a big presentation at work? Throw on your normal suit, but add an extra layer—a lightweight, printed coat—to give your power look even more punch.

  • Budget Outfits – Wear your belt unconventionally:-

budget outfits - twistedbelt

We all know that a belt can instantly create a waistline. But, instead of simply tucking your shirt into your skirt and wearing your belt over it, twist it to create a new shape that’ll enhance your look even more.

These are some of the unique ways to experiment on budget outfits when you’re bored from your wardrobe