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4 Unbelievable Ways To Look Younger Instantly!

A short guide on the many ways to look younger, of course, without surgeries or a doctor’s prescription. Surgical ways are effective, but they cost a lot and can make matters worse that is why we should prefer alternative approaches by using makeup components in a smart way.

Ladies, what are your highest priorities when you’re searching for ways to look younger? Full lips? Lifted eyes? Youthful skin? Needles and surgeries can be an option for it. But who wants to do that right? most of us won’t!

Scroll through to find out about ways to look younger with only a few products (of course, without visiting doctor):-

  1. Just Plump that Pout (Without Lip Injections):-
  2. Look Younger at 50

    You might be not knowing this, but there’s an optical illusion involved while creating a fuller pout. Here’s a walkthrough on how you can do so:-

    1. Line your lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color and ensure that you define the shape ever-so-slightly outside of your natural lip line.
    2. Angle the pencil so it hits the very top of your lip line — just don’t draw over the skin outside of your lips; that won’t look natural and would inhibit the beauty of your lips.
    3. Add a lip color of your choice (note: Darker shades tend to make your lips look smaller).
    4. Concentrate the color on the outer corners, and leave the center of your lips almost bare.
    5. Next, highlight. Apply a light, champagne shimmer powder (cream and liquid highlighters will also work, but will be less pigmented) to the peak of your cupid’s bow.
    6. And then using your finger, press the highlighter into the center of your bottom lip. Press your lips together to soften the effect.
    7. And top it off with a dab of clear lip gloss in the same spot.Using this surgery less approach you can achieve that perfect pout you always wanted and thus is one of those effective ways to look younger

  3. Sculpted Cheeks, No-Needles-Needed!
  4. ways to look younger

    Fillers and implants can deliver the bone structure that Mother Nature did not, but a less drastic approach would be to turn to contouring instead of anti-ageing creams. To sculpt high cheekbones of your dreams just follow these steps below and you’ll realize your dream in no time.

    1. You’ll need a foundation that’s one-to-two shades darker than your complexion and another foundation that’s one-to-two shades lighter.For the easiest application, try foundation sticks.
    2. Suck in your cheeks, and fill the hollows up to your temples with the darker shade of foundation (start easy, you can always add more).
    3. Next, apply the lighter shade to highest points of your cheekbones. Look in the mirror to see where the light hits your cheekbones — those are the spots you would want to highlight.
    4. Then, blend it all together with a damp makeup sponge or your fingers.
    5. The finishing touch is to mattify the contour with a dusting of powder and highlight the top of your cheekbones with some liquid luminizer.

  5. Lift your eyes, the surgery free approach:-
  6. Best Ways to Look Younger

    source: Youtube

    We know that as we age, our eyes droop and sag. Sigh! Don’t worry, take matters into your own hands, and give yourself a non-surgical lift. Here’s a walkthrough on how to do that:-

    1. Lifting the eyes is all about making them appear more open. And that begins with the brows. Once you’ve mastered the shape(to create lift, make sure the tail of your brow extends out, not down), and fill them in so they’re nice and full, you’ve got to highlight.
    2. Take a flesh-toned eyeliner or a thin concealer pencil that’s a shade lighter than that you’d usually use, and line the bottom edge of your brow and the top edge just above your arch.
    3. Blend it out with your finger. Then, add some light and shimmery highlights to the same spots, concentrating the product right above and below the highest point of the brow.
    4. Moving on to the eyes, highlight the inner corners, conceal any darkness or shadows, curl lashes, add top mascara only, and you’ve given your eyes a beautiful lift. This is also one of those effective ways to look younger instantly

  7. That slimmer nose! One of those effective ways to look younger.
  8. Quick Ways to Look Younger


    Everyone wants that slim nose! There is a scalpel-free solution to a less-than-perfect nose, and all it requires is matte bronzer and liquid luminizer. Here’s how you can do it:-

    1. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply the bronzer from the inner corner of your eyebrows all the way down each side of your nose.
    2. Then add bronzer under the tip of your nose. Be sure to choose a bronzer that’s brown-based, not red-based, to avoid having the color show up overly warm.
    3. Blend out the edges with a clean blending brush. Finish by smoothing a small drop of highlighter on the bridge of your nose, extending it down just a smidge.

    So, these were some novel ways to look younger instantly. Stay tuned for more! 😀