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18 Ways To Wear Cut-Off Shorts, The Summer Trends 2015

The short is that ‘holy piece’ of clothing which has the ability to work in combination with almost all other clothing components. Hence, they are popular all around the globe. But, not everyone can pull off a shorts – look attire the right way and so, this guide will familiarize with those combinations of attire which have made it into the Trends 2015 list.

Denim cut-off shorts are probably one of the most basic pieces of clothing ever and yet they are the included in Trends 2015 list! And yeah, finding the perfect pair of shorts that shows off your killer legs should pretty much be considered an art! So, here are the different ways in which you can use that one “holy piece” in multiple ways!!

  1. Casual Shorts :-
  2. casual-closet
    Casual closet with some casual branded shorts! because sometimes going casual also means going classy specially if we pair it with some hot shorts.

  3. Plaid Shorts :-
  4. plaid-shorts
    Sexy plaid shorts paired with quirky frames, play with your shorts along with a twilled woollen or a cotton shirt having a chequered pattern.

  5. Back to basics! Back to Black! :-
  6. black-top-and-shorts
    Going with black is always going with never ending the trend. Pair your shorts with a black top or tee to leave them mesmerized.

  7. Striped tops and Denim Shorts :-
  8. striped-top-with-denim-shorts
    Stylishly striped tees and those denim shorts or striped tops along with a hat and denim shorts are also a savvy trend these days.

  9. heels for when you are feeling flirty 😉 :-
  10. shorts-with-heels
    Shorts and heels! That is all you would need this summer to look scintillating and fabulous.

  11. Sport on some accessories with your shorts :-
  12. shorts-with-accessories
    Accessorising your shorts is the smartest way of looking fab! Just add on Hats, bracelets and classy/funky Bags.

  13. Dungarees :-
  14. denim-dungarees
    A dungaree? yeah, a dungaree! Dungaree’s are always the right way to look the sweetest whenever you want to! They make you look cute and sweet at the same time.

  15. Sweater and Shorts
  16. sweater-with-shorts
    I am not kidding! yes, shorts with a summer sweater! Summer sweaters or jackets can add a glamorous look to your attire of shorts, that you always wanted while going out with your friends for hangouts or casual meetings.

  17. A trench coat with shorts for the professional look :-
  18. trench-coat-with-shorts
    Even trench coats will make you look +classy+ when you want to go for any official meetings or want to pull that office look in a stylish way.

  19. Shorts along with Crop Tops :-
  20. shorts-with-crop-tops
    Do not forget those crop top ladies! Crop tops with shorts are one of the coolest ways to spend your summer +no heatt+ +no sweat+ +relaxation+. Who wouldn’t want that?

  21. Shorts with Leather Jackets :-
  22. leather-jacket-and-shorts
    Get Set Go with a leather jacket and killer heels! Add a leather jacket to your closet > Add glam to your outfits! #killershortslook.

  23. Mimic The Military! :p
  24. military-prints-with-shorts
    You can even go with military prints if you want to look a little tomboyish yet be the sexiest one in your group.

  25. Append some D-I-Y patterns
  26. diy-shorts
    Ladies, Go Creative! Create your own Do-It-Yourself patterns! And be ready to grab all the eyes around.

  27. Shorts with artsy prints :-
  28. shorts-with-tops-having-artsy-prints
    Carry them with artsy prints and sneaks Artsy-craftsy tops are hard to find cause they are crafted or decorated manually by an artisan but trust me they are worth to find.

  29. Shorts with a simple top
  30. shorts-and-converse-outfit
    Keep your accessories limited, ladies! Accessorizing too much might kill the glam of your look! Hence, Go for quality rather than the quantity when it comes accessorizing your shorts.There is no need to overshadow your already short shorts with a truckload of accessories.

  31. Shorts with a Lace Top
  32. shorts-with-lace-top
    Tuck-in that lace top and get going! Laces are getting a favourite of every girl nowadays..just add those lace tops to your shorts look too!

  33. Shorts with Sheer tops
  34. shorts-with-sheer-top
    Shimmer with sheer tops! Catch everyone’s attention by pairing your shorts with thin, transparent sheer tops. They look cutesy #lol

  35. Snatch your boyfriend’s jacket
  36. shorts-with-boyfriends-jacket
    I am sure that I don’t need to tell you any more about this, ladies, that why the BoyFriend’s jacket? Well, it’s a straight and simple reason, They complement the shorts – look at its best and also add the intimacy, #ifyouknowwhatimean? 😛