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10 Challenges Girls Face After Wearing Saree For The First Time!

Girls love wearing western outfits & some just feel comfortable in an Indian attire but when it comes to wear a Saree, the thought is scary! Find out why!

We all like to wear the clothes which make us look pretty and stylish but to handle them are is hard as well. We girls used to wear, shalwar kameez, skirt, jeans etc. and we are very comfortable in it, but at the time of going to some even event where we have to wear the traditional clothes then what’s better than a saree? This is the prettiest dress we can wear at the event; it gives an attractive and elegant look to the girls. Girls who are wearing saree for the first time faces the following problems while handling themselves.

1. Which Style To Pick:

It’s very hard to choose the style for the first time and to guess which one is for our body type. There are hundreds of styles in sarees and which one is perfect for you; it is very hard to guess. Maybe we should try some to finally have a right one.

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2. Draping Or Rocket Science:

Draping for the first time is no less than a rocket science for us and it seems like that we need a help of thousands of people in order to look perfect in saree. The only option we have now is to watch YouTube tutorials and to ask for the mom’s or auntie’s help because they are the only hope left.

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3. Perfect Accessories:

Which accessories are perfect for us is a tough task and as we are wearing a saree for the first time then to choose the perfect jewelry for the dress is like to solve a question of 10th standard in 8th standard. With the saree, how your bag should be like and what jewelry is going to give you a delicate looks quite hard to decide, but with the help of expert opinion, we can solve this matter as well.

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4. How To Walk:

Here comes the major problem and that totally depends on us like how we can handle this. Walking in a proper manner in a saree is one of the major problems we face while wearing it for the first time. We can’t walk fast in saree and can’t sit in a comfortable style. To be a pretty one we have to struggle some. Hats off to the Bollywood divas who perform the songs in saree.

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5. Safety Pins, Our Super Hero:

We should be thankful to the safety pins because in the whole event we are constantly in fear that what will happen if someone stepped on the fabric by mistake. But thanks to the safety pins due to which our saree is safe as well as us from the rumors of malfunctioning in an event.

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6. Perfect Curves:

In saree, we all want to look hot and flaunting our curves are the best thing that we can show to the world. If your body is perfect enough to handle the saree, then nobody could stop you to show the curves and let the world think hoe beautiful you are looking in the saree like it’s made for you.

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7. Washroom Problems:

The worst struggle we can do after wearing a saree is thinking about the washroom. After coming to the washroom, all we can wish for is not to disturb our saree arrangement because once it’s undone, then it’s impossible for us to wear it again. Isn’t it the most disturbing thing?

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8. The “Pallu” Solutions:

Now the next thing we are worried of is “pallu”. We want to look elegant and stylish in saree but what to do when the pallu refuses to stay on the shoulder and now all you want to pin up the whole saree with your body. The only solution we have.

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9. Graceful Walk:

Even if you are getting late, your saree will not allow you to run faster and with all the grace you have to walk calmly. Make sure you are walking in a grace to show that this is a first time, but you are good enough to handle every style.

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10. Finally, At Home:

Now, after receiving floods of compliments finally, when you are at home, all you want is to step out of the saree and be in your comfortable pajamas for the rest of the weekend.

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This is an achievement that you managed the whole style with grace and elegance, so the girls make sure to handle the style with much confidence.

  • annikarobs

    S, I faced a lot of difficulties when it was first time. It was consuming more time. Main confusion is from where to start, how to fold the pleats, where to pin to make it look neatly. it was difficult to wear tightly for the first time. however, with continues practice, you can practice to wear it tight and neat.we have to be very careful while walking to maintain our posture or else we can easily trip. If it is tight around the waist, its very difficult to breathe. Thanks for the nice article.