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21 Protruded-Belly Fat melter exercises at home!

No one likes belly fat and especially when they can be easily seen even after we wear loose clothes. Try these exercises at home which will reduce the fats!

So, what did you get from the muffin top? Well, the term muffin top means protruded belly. The waist becomes muffin top when we opt for the unhealthy food along with leading the sedentary lifestyle. Most probably, you’ve tried everything from crash dieting to the treadmill option, but you didn’t get any satisfactory result.

I would suggest you to think about the efforts that you had invested to get the slim and toned waist, can you figure out the lacking of that phase? Rather, you didn’t follow the crash diet strictly or you had taken the long rest periods in between the exercise regimen, though, all these factors may look like very tiny things, but they have the power to turn the direction of your success either they’ll delay or faster the rate of melting your muffin top.

Three factors produce drastic impact on your workout’s progress, including the type of exercise, the execution of each exercise and the effort which you’re putting in the workout; thus, rather following any move blindly , check it first by performing it, you’ll get to know about your stamina and strength. Hence, you should consider the above-listed three measures to gain the success in achieving the slim waist.

No dumbbells, no resistance bands, and no gym balls! These fixers are simply the homemade formula for getting rid of your love handles and destroy the excessive fat of your belly. Only your dedication and optimistic approach will help you to get the best outcome of your efforts. So, here we go with our 21 muffin-top-melters:

1. Stand still

stand still


This move will target your side muscles. Stand straight and place your right foot forwards to the left foot. Then lift your right arm up in the air and maintain the position. Tuck the tummy in and lift your arms up just like that you’re trying to push the ceiling. Continue your breathing and practice this move until you cross the 10 repetitions.

2. planks



Make the push up like position and maintain the position for 10-15 seconds. Make sure that your body should be aligned in just like the straight line. Don’t perform the pushups; what you need to do is to maintain the position as long as you can. So, the plank position is great for strengthening your core muscles.

3. Russian twists

Russian twists


Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet level on the ground. Lean back on your torso so your middle is at a 45-degree point to the floor; keep your spine straight and not adjusted. hold both your hands in front of the chest. Focus your eyes on your hands and begin the exercise by moving your hands side to side while maintaining the position.

4. Burpees



This exercise works on all parts of your body, especially the major muscles. When we perform any intense or cardio workout, burpees are the inevitable exercise that will exhaust you even more than any other exercise. It is composed of three steps; firstly you hop down in a plank position, and then hop both legs in a tuck and then jump while standing.

5. Hip busters

Hip busters


Along with the slim waist, your hips should be in a proper tone as well. Lie down on your back with feet bend on the floor. Place your hands on your mat and maintain the bridging position. Tuck your tummy in and lift your core up and down. Remember, do inhale and exhale throughout the exercise.

For the extra effect, squeeze your hips when you lift up your core in a bridging exercise. Try to incorporate this exercise along with the other exercises regularly.

6. Bicycle



Without any version of crunches, your exercise circuit would be incomplete. The Bicycle is also the modified version of the crunches. Start your exercise by lying down on your back and lifting your legs above the ground. Place your hands underneath your head. Then alternatively, raise your right knee to the left-hand side, in such a way that your torso twists.

While performing this move, you should inhale and exhale along with each alteration. If you’re feeling pain in your sides, that means you’ve performed the exercise accurately.

7. Cat vomit



Though, it seems weird move but, believe me, this is the great exercise to activate some major muscle, group.

What you need to do is to kneel down on your hands and bent knee. While maintaining this position, exhale completely. Tuck your tummy in tightly just imagine that you’re pushing your tummy towards the spine. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then release. Remember, your position should be in a correct manner.

8. Hip lifts

Hip lifts


This exercise requires the greater flexibility of your hip and core muscles, if you have a tight ham or quads, then you may find difficulty while performing this move.

Get into the supine lying position, rests your hands in the side. Close your legs together and lift them up to the 90 degrees, your body will be in L-shape. From this position, lift your legs above the level ground. Imagine that the ball is placed on your feet and you’re trying to push it up.

9. side planks

side planks


Every variation of the plank is the super-awesome move for toning the excessive fat around your waist. Though, side planks are somehow difficult, but they provide the effect of the resistance, which will strengthen your side muscles. Get into the plank position and then lift your one hand up towards the ceiling. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then release.

10. side bending

side bending


This is simple and easy move; it can be treated as the stretch after completing your desk job or it can be incorporated in tour exercise routine.

Just stand straight with hips-ankle-width-apart. Place your hands on your waist and then bend to one side and then switch to other. As the repetitions increases, try to bend more on one side until unless you feel the stretch on your sides. At the end of the exercise holds for about 10 seconds on each side. Begin your exercise with this move, and then include different variations in it.

11. flutter kicks

flutter kicks


This move is simply an amazing exercise, which burns your belly fat very fast.

Supine lie down and get into the L-shape position, close your legs together and only move your foot up and down in the various degrees  like first do the flutter kicks in the 90 degrees, then later on decrease the angle to the 45 degrees and then decrease the angle to the 10 degrees ( just above the ground level). When you minimize the angles, the effect on the tummy will be raised eventually.

12. opposite arm leg reach

opposite arm leg reach


This exercise will tone your back, sides, and abs. lie down supine and apart your legs and hands. Then bring the right leg to the left hand and hold for 10 seconds. Perform this move alternatively on the other side as well. Make sure that your back is not bending too much when you bring the legs to the hands.

13. Donkey kickbacks

Donkey kickbacks


After reading the name of the exercise, different thoughts maybe coming in your mind but wait let me clear this move. Lie down on your hands and legs and straight your spine; don’t bend it. Then bring your bent knee to the nose. Make sure that you’re inhaling and exhaling properly. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times and then relax.

14. Advanced crunches

Advanced crunches


As crunches are the super-exciting stuff, their modifications have also amazing effects. In this move, lie down on your back and then close your legs together. Place both your hands beneath your hips to improve your support and stability. Then raise your legs to the 90 degrees for about 10 times.

15. Leg circles

Leg circles


This move will target your abs, oblique, and butts. Lie down supine on the mat and keep your hands out to the sides.

Close your both your legs together and then lift them towards the ceiling. Make the imaginary circles from your foot and repeat this exercise till the 10 repetitions. be careful about your hands, because when you start moving your legs, they’ll not be in their place. This exercise really exhausts your core, which increases the chances of getting the flat belly.

16. Kneeling heel twists

Kneeling heel twists


I’ll suggest you to perform this exercise at the end of the workout. This exercise is simply the effect-enhancer of other exercises. Kneel down on the mat with hips above the knees.

Place your both hands on your head and let your elbows out. Tuck your tummy in. Inhale and lean back as much as you can. Exhale and return back to the neutral position. Perform this exercise at least 20 times per set. A hold of about 10 seconds will increase its effect.

17. Heel touches

Heel touches

source: drhollyclemens.cpm

This move will also tone your sides and break the formation of the tires of your waist. Lie on your back, knees twisted and feet level on the floor, with your arms at your sides. Breathe out and contract your abs as you slide your right hand toward your right foot. Your head should and neck should be straight, don’t bend them. Come back to begin again, and then switch to the next sides. Repeat this move for about 10 times.

18. finger to toe reach

finger to toe reach


By doing this exercise, the lower and middle abs will be targeted. Lie on your back with your legs straight and stretched out toward the roof, with arms around your sides. Breathe out and contract your abs as you crunch up from your waist and broaden your hands toward your toes. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times.

19. Leg swings

Leg swings


This is the modification of the leg circles which will provide you the same effect, but the difficulty level is much higher in doing this exercise as compared to the leg circles.

Supine lie on your back with the arms out to the sides and legs and feet up towards the ceiling (come into the L-shape). Breathe out and attract your belly toward the spine as you lower the legs to left side around 5 inches from the floor. Come back to begin and repeat on the right side. Continue exchanging sides for about 15 times.

20. scissors



The most stubborn part of your belly ‘the lower abdomen’ can be shred off by this exercise. Lie down supine on your back and then broaden your arms in such a way that they’re against the sides of your body with your palms pressing into the floor. Get into the L-shape and draw your abs into the ribs. Down the right leg along with breathing out but keep your left leg up towards the ceiling then switch to the other leg. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times.

21. push ups

push ups


It is one of the exercises which serves as the multifunctional purpose like it’ll tone your shoulders along with your back. Little variations in the exercises produce the enormous effects on your major muscle groups. Similarly, if you press your belly towards the spine, these pushups will eventually work on your abs as well.

Let’s begin with the acquiring the push-up position and just hold tummy in tightly. Inhale while coming closer to the ground and exhale while going away from the ground. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times.

You can pick up any 5-6 exercises to make the appropriate exercise circuit and include this circuit in your daily routine. Engaging in any exercise program is the ultimate source of enjoyment, the muffin-top-melters will not cut the fatty layers of the abdominal fat, yet, they also leave some additional effects on your mood as well.

So, which exercise do you liked the most? And from which combination of exercises, will you make your exercise circuit? let us know, we’re excited to know your creativity 🙂

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