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Sonakshi Sinha reacts to her Weight Meme that Rishi Kapoor tweeted!

Sonakshi Sinha reacted to her weight Meme that was posted by Rishi Kapoor recently on twitter feed recently.

Rishi Kapoor’s tweets are always debatable and so is this tweet which he deleted later on after the controversy sparked:


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Likewise, Sonakshi Sinha is always targeted due to her weight and Alia Bhatt due to Intelligence. Though Alia Bhatt shutted everyone’s mouth after releasing the Genius of the Year video in August, the previous year.

This time Sonakshi Sinha in an interview with NDTV, cleared the no-envy relation between her and Rishi Kapoor by saying,

“I am sure this wasn’t created by him. It’s been something that has been going around for a while. Maybe he just found it funny, that’s OK, that’s his opinion. It’s his sense of humour. It is fine, it’s meant to be taken the right way.”


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Rishi Kapoor deleted this tweet as well but clarified by saying that it was all a joke and should be taken in a good spirit.

Sonakshi SInha

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Way to go girl! Your polite and witty responses made us feel proud of you. We love you as you are and for your work!