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Cheers to Vishakha Singh for such Bravo comments to the Perverts!

Vishakha Singh responded to one of the pervert comment made by guy on her recent picture uploaded by her which went viral on Facebook & Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are well known for such perverts who never fails to post cheap comments about women’s dignity on their post or their pictures especially when it comes to a Celebrity Page or Account. We all have seen such kind of comments but some of us choose to ignore them, and some of us have the courage and bravery to insult that person in a sarcastic way.



What happened?

It all started out when the Fukrey actress uploaded a photo in a t-shirt that read, ‘Everybody is somebody’s foreigner. Wearing Madversity’s cool new Tee… looking forward to more such quotes!’

And here is what happened;


A guy named MD Mustakim Saifi posted a vulgar and cheap comment on one of Vishakha Singh‘s picture that she recently had published. Soon she got appreciations and applause for her beauty and work but then there are some people who can never stay away to show their pervert nature at the same time.

She also replied to a retarded comment posted by Vikas Singh.

Soon, the post went viral, and people started appreciating the Feminist part of her. But she took down that picture and commented further,


Shame to such psychopath people who don’t respect women and have forgotten that they are born out of a mother’s womb. We feel sorry for such men who think that a woman is an object, and so you can comment any bullshit about her and her body. Truly a shame to such desperate and worthless men! *Douchebag*