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Abhay Deol talks about Sex, India’s Attitude Towards it and also about ‘Moral Policing’

Abhay Deol spoke about what was on everyone’s mind but just couldn’t go public. He spoke about his Craving for Sex and also slammed Mumbai Police!

Abhay Deol speaks and we better listen to him!

After the Mumbai police detained couples in Madh Island, Mumbai recently for “Public indecency”, Abhay slams them like never before and we couldn’t agree anymore!

Here’s what he said on his Facebook page:

SEX!Even I am baffled by our society’s obsession with sex.I enjoy it, I crave it, I pursue it. I don’t hide the…

Posted by Abhay Deol on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We really feel proud of Abhay Deol who actually stood up and spoke about this issue publically, the same which was into others mind but just couldn’t go public!

Talking about Sex publically is still a huge no-no in India but we agree with Abhay’s every word.