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15 Specialties Of Maharashtra You Were Not Aware Of

The state of Maharashtra is situated in the western coastal region of the Indian subcontinent. It is the 2nd most populated state in India and is extremely rich both in its natural scenic beauty and the humongous man-made architectural marvels, the sky-scrapers. The citizens of this state are always working and this isn’t an hyperbole. Be it day or night a trip within this state will be a very delightful experience.

  • -The most successful industry in terms of both profits and  public following –  Bollywood.

  • -The all time favorite fast food of every Maharashtrian – Vada  Pav.

  • -The toughest but swiftest mode of travel – The Railways.

  • – Exquisite heritages signifying the rich history and culture of  Maharashtra –  Forts of Raigad, Pratapgad, etc.

We all know this that Maharashtra is an extremely beautiful state due to the eager and hard-working people here who make everything special around themselves.Thus we can implicate that the state of Maharashtra is enriched by its infinite varieties which would be hard to find anywhere else. Why shouldn’t you try to connect yourselves with any of these?




The first thing that we can relate ourselves to when we hear the word ‘Mumbai’ is *BOLLYWOOD*. Indians buy 2.7 billion movie tickets annually, the highest in the world. But average ticket prices are among the lowest in the world so revenues are only a fraction compared to Hollywood.



shivaji raje bhosle

Well of course, Marathi movies are the pride of every Maharashtrian.



vada pav

There is no such person here in Maharashtra who would have not consumed this mouth watering dish. I Bet.


4. “Lavani”


The heartthrob dance of all Maharashtrian people! Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particularly performed to the beats of Dholki, a percussion instrument. It is very known for its varied rhythm and quick tempo. In the recent years, Lavani has made huge contributions for the development of Marathi Folk theater.


5. “Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padva”

Ganesh Chaturthi

The heartthrob festivals which every person who stays here, loves to celebrate it. Maharashtra is a state with  a huge variety of cultural activities where people participate regardless of their religion, caste or gender. These festivals thus strengthen the bond between the people and ensure the ‘Unity in Diversity’ in our country.


6. “The Night Life” – One of the best places to live for the youths

Night Life

Every young heart here wants to live and enjoy The Night Life of Mumbai. *Anyways, I am definitely one of them.* *winks*.

For more about the nightlife in Mumbai have a look at this article: 7 most happening things about Mumbai’s nightlife


7. “Local Trains” – the lifeline of Maharashtra

local trains

Yes, you are already a winner if you know to get into and out of the Local Trains safely. The trains are the fastest mode to commute within the state and farther at extremely cheap rates. *I have already done my Ph.D. in it.* 😀


8. “Mumbai ki Baarish”

Mumbai ki Baarish

This is the most romantic thing to ever happen. It can be more romantic when you get *Chai-Pakoda* to indulge on.  *Yum*


9. “Nagpur’s Oranges”

Nagpur- The-Orange-City

The picture says it all.


10. “The Shopping Streets”


Be it in Mumbai, Pune, Satara, or Kolhapur, every city has its own Shopping markets which are absolutely for people like true shopaholics.

P.S. *Shopping is the best therapy, exclusively for the girls. Are you listening boys?*

P.P.S. *Boys, I am sorry for your loss.* *giggles*


11. “Hill Stations”


Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar – Not just one but the state of Maharashtra has many such serene and peaceful destinations within it.


12. “The rich heritage and other famous places”The beauty of Maharashtra and its culture

raigad fort

One of the prestigious heritages of the state of Maharashtra – The Fort of Raigad.


13. “History” of Maharashtra.

shivaji maharaj

From the Satavahanas, Vakatakas, Chalukyas and the Rashtrakutas during the period of  4th century B.C to 12th century A.D to the Seunas from 12th century A.D to 14th century A.D. The state of Maharashtra has a very deep and enriching history of which every Maharastrian is always proud.


14. They are truly “Our heroes” who’ve saved Maharashtra from various afflictions.

26/11 heroes

These are the people who without the regard for their own lives and to ensure the safety of the Mumbai city during the terrorist attacks that were plotted on 26th November 2008 where they sacrificed themselves for the likes of us. Such a noble gesture of servitude towards the nation and self-sacrifice cannot be explained but only be inspired which these great men have successfully accomplished. *Salute*


15. And lastly, “Jai Maharashtra”.

jai maharashtra

How can we forget to say these two words which is every Maharashtrian’s pride. Jai Maharashtra!


Happy Maharashtra Day. *Jai Maharashtra*