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10 Things You Will Face If You Are Living In A Joint Family

Are you living in a joint family? If so, then you can relate to these 10 issues you face on a regular basis.

This is our Desi and respectful culture to live in a joint family with all Chacha’s and bua’s. To grow together with their children and it’s such a joyful thing that you can never feel alone in such a big family. There are lots of advantages of living in a joint family, but there are few things we have to face if we are living in a joint family system. If you are living in a joint family, then you can relate yourself to the few things everyone faces.

1. Say Good Bye To Privacy:

Don’t you dare to imagine privacy if you are living in a joint family, it’s impossible. You can see each and every room is full of people and they will never let you sit alone because this is against the rule of the family.


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2. Share Your Food:

No matter whatever you eat, if you are older, then it’s compulsory to share the food with them. Even it’s a single piece of chicken they are going to eat it anyway, what are cousins for, right?



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3. You Can’t Hide Anything:

The biggest drawback of living in a joint family is that all the cousins will go to the same school and after watching you, all together teachers may know, you belong to the same family. You can’t hide any complain any mistake from family because your genius cousin would tell everyone what you did there.



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4. Someone Is Sick, Trip Cancel:

planning for picnic with family, imagine the fun. Suddenly, one of your cousin is sick and the trip gets cancelled. Even if he is suffering from minor flu, but still everyone cancel the trip.



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5. All Cousins Brother And Sisters:

When you are living together with everyone you don’t have to introduce everyone as your cousin, but everyone knows you people are siblings and sometimes it’s kind of weird when people asked you all are from one parent?


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6. Comparison with Exam Result:

At the time of results your parents will compare you with your uncle’s son because he scored much better than you and you are not interested in your studies anymore but see he is in 2nd grade, why everyone is comparing us?



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7. Hangout With Friend,With All The Cousins:

Preparing to go alone with your friends for the party so you can do all the stuff and enjoy their company? Spoiler alert, your cousins are coming with you to keep an eye on all the friends and can play a role of annoying detective in the entire party.



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8. No To Late Night Calls:

As you are not responsible enough to sleep in your room so all the cousins are going to sleep together in a room and don’t imagine about the late night calls and fun with friends because your cousins are getting disturb and the next day they will tell everyone about your routine.



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9. Social Network Or Family Network:

If you are posting anything on social networking site there must be a first comment of an aunt, uncle or cousin and they will ask about the whole family and what everyone is doing in the family. Aunt and Uncle you can message me for these kind of updates.



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10. Animated Movies Only:

If you are watching any movie with good reviews and ratings and there is a romantic scene between the main leads, then there is no way you can continue to watch the movie because everyone is going to blame you and will shift you to the animated movies.



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  • Manoj Agarwal

    In Joint family there are some restrictions but there is much more social security and happiness.

    • We agree, but this post was purely intended to highlight the regular issues people go through, we are going to post a follow-up article soon with all the benefits as well.

    • Guest

      Not sure about more happiness or social security. This all depends on the type of family you live with, and the age group you belong to. Most people in their teens and early twenties will agree that privacy is important and it’s a concern among joint families. Also remember that not all families are supportive of every one member of said family.