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Know about these 12 cancer-causing foods!

We might think that some foods are just fine to consume but have you ever went ahead and researched about that food? They might cause you cancer too!

We eat food to get the optimal source of the energy but is this possible that what you’re eating can be carcinogenic? Well, not all the foods are carcinogenic but some foods have the ability to stimulate the abnormal growth of the cells in the body. Though, cancer has less alarming signs initially, but as the disease advances, you may notice the variety of signs and symptoms. By knowing about the cancer-causing foods, you can avoid them and cut down the risks of cancer.

Everyone should take the preventive measures to eliminate all the possible chances of any lethal disease; either it is cancer or the heart attack. Due to the increased incidence of cancer in all over the world, researchers have conducted several relevant studies to find out the major culprit that actually encourages the process of the cancers and some foods are suspected that causes the variety of the cancers. So, what are those foods that can be cancerous? Read the below-listed foods,

1. Sugar and soda drinks



Do you know that the soft drinks can cause diabetes, but recent studies have confirmed that these drinks can cause cancer? The additional colors and sweaters in the sodas can initiate the carcinogenic process in the body, which will also comprise your health. Among all the ingredients, 4-methylimidazole is more dangerous than other ingredients.

However, if you’re consuming more than one serving of the soda, you’re at more risk of developing stroke, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, ulcers and of course, obesity.

2. Microwave popcorns



For the sake of the convenience and easy-to-use, you would prefer instant foods that can be prepared within minutes, but can you believe that how badly they’re affecting your vital systems. Okay, popcorns are a high source of fiber and full of essential nutrients, but do you ever think about the bag in which the popcorn is packed. Yeah, the popcorns bags are lined with the certain chemicals that are not favorable for your health.

Not only the infertility is linked due to those chemicals, in fact, the risks of the liver, pancreatic and testicular cancer can be increased just because of those certain chemicals. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is present in the popcorn bag which is most likely to develop cancer. However, the lung can be damaged and become cancerous due to another chemical present in the popcorn bags named as the diacetyl.

So, try to reduce the consumption of the microwave popcorns as much as you can.

3. Canned tomatoes



Actually, the main problem isn’t in the food, in fact, the issue is with the lining of the can or the packaging. Almost all the canned foods are made up of the specific ingredient, known as the bisphenol-A (BPA). In 2013, a study is published in the National Academy of Sciences confirmed that the BPA can affect the working of the genes in the brain of the rats.

As tomatoes are naturally very acidic, the lining of the cans is enriched in the BPA and can absorb in the tomatoes, which can be very dangerous. Hence, try to avoid the canned tomatoes especially, if you’ll feed this food to your children.

4. Processed meats



Including lunch meats, bacon, hot dogs and sausages rich in the chemical preservatives to let them fresh and appealing, but it is also most likely to cause the cancers. Either it is colon cancer or other popular forms of cancer, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate have a strong relationship to promote the growth of the cancerous cells. So, choose the fresh meat over the processed meat to be saved and secured from one of the leading cause of the death-cancer.

5. Potato chips



Everyone’s favorite and the most-opted-snack across the globe! I know it’s hard to believe that potato chips are also one of the sources of cancer, but it’s true. As potato chips are high in calories and fats which lead to the weight gain. The potatoes are crispier because they’re fried in the higher temperature, but this also forms the acrylamide, a carcinogenic compound also found in the cigarettes.

Both kids and adults can’t resist the craving of the potato chips, but you should consider any alternate. Baked chips or tortilla chips are a much healthier option than the traditional potato chips. So, try to find the fewer calories and more healthy food.

6. Salted, pickled and smoked foods



Nitrates are somehow intended to prolong the shelf life of the food. And the salted, pickled and smoked foods contain the nitrates along with other preservatives. Anyhow, the preservatives will be accumulated in your body and start damaging your cell’s structure. Afterward, if the foods are eaten on a regular basis, then it’ll lead to cancer. Hence, always cook fresh and eat healthy!

7. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)



Well, GMO’s are mostly present in the soybean, canola, and corn. And, recent studies have confirmed that this ingredient can promote the growth of the tumor. In all over the world, the non-GMO diet is encouraging. In most of the countries, the use of the GMO has been banned due to the high chances of causing cancer.

While purchasing the packaged foods, you should read the ingredients and make sure that either the GMO’s are present in it or not. Hence, try to stay away from the processed and canned foods.

8. Processed white flour



Comparatively, whole wheat flour is preferred over the white flour because of the greater fiber content. Almost every doctor recommends using whole wheat meal instead of the white flour not only due to the obesity issues, in fact, it can give rise to the cancers.

To whiten the flour, now mills are using the bleaching agent called as the chlorine gas. If the chlorine gas is inhaled or introduced in your vital systems in the large quantity then it can increase the blood sugar along with the tumor formation. And if the blood sugar is raised for a longer duration, it’ll favor the cancer cells to be spread. So, avoid the refined grains or processed white meat to minimize the cancer chances.

9. Hydrogenated oils



This is another ingredient which is immensely used to prolong the shelf life of the processed foods. But, hydrogenated oils produce the variations in the cell membrane, in which any cancerous changes can be made easily.

After certain researches related to the link of the hydrogenated oils with cancer, many manufacturers are replacing the hydrogenated oil with a much healthier option like palm oil or other alternatives. But, still in processed foods, it is used on a large scale. So, you should know better that which option can save your life.

10. Farmed salmon



According to the Dr. David Carpenter, the Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany, ‘another cancer-causing food is the farmed salmon’. While conducting the research on the carcinogenic component of the farmed salmon, he declared that not only the farmed salmon lacks the essential vitamin D; in fact, it contains the PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls), pesticides, antibiotics, and retardants.

Therefore, you should also avoid eating the farmed salmon!

11. Refined sugars



Likewise, the refined grains, it also favors the increased glucose level and the growth promotion of the tumor cells. The cancer cells feed on the sugar to expand their size and to multiply in a huge ratio. Hence, for the proliferation of the cancer cells, the sugar is inevitable and that’s why medical professionals are suggesting you to reduce the intake of the sugar so that the tumor growth and spread can be stunted.

Among all the options of the sugar, cancer cells love to utilize the highly available fructose. Now, the question arises is that where does the large quantity of the fructose do the cancer cells get? Well, sauces, juices, cereals, cookies etc are the high source of the fructose. If you won’t cut down their uptake, it’ll lead to the cancer development.

12. Artificial sweeteners



Supposed to be the best substitute of the sugar for the diabetics! But the aspartame in the artificial sweeteners breaks down into your body and converts into another lethal compound known as the DKP. When this chemical is processed by the stomach, then this compound becomes even more dangerous that can cause the brain tumor.

While purchasing the food, you should go through with the product ingredients in order to prevent all the possible chances of cancer.

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