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10 Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs. Smoking is one of the biggest reasons for causing Lung Cancer.

By the year, the ratio of the mortality and morbidity of the lung cancer increases worldwide. We all know that the smoking is the major cause of the lung cause regardless how many safest variations has been made of smoking or which expensive brand are you using. Rarely, lung cancer is diagnosed in the early stages but about 40% of people are unaware with the diseases and their symptoms become even worse, dragging their condition towards the advancement.

As a chronic smoking is the dominant cause of the lung cancer, the oncologists believed that the ingredients of the cigarette including nicotine and methanol damage the lining of the lungs; thus, compromising your normal function of the lungs. Due to this reason, smoking is considered as the second most cause of the death in all over the world.

Our lungs are the primary organs for removal of the carbon dioxide out of the body and transport of fresh oxygen in the circulating system to the tissues. In the lungs, the alveoli are present where the gas exchange occurs. And smoking deteriorates the alveoli and produces the hindrance in the gas exchange mechanism. When you inhale the carcinogens present in the cigarette cylinder, they directly attack the lung microstructure.  When you don’t quit or reduce the frequency of the smoking, the destruction becomes more and more; eventually, your lungs will be unable to maintain the gas exchange process efficiently.

So, lung cancer should be detected in the early stage so that the disease can be managed in a short term and the further complications can be prevented easily. You would agree with this fact that the lifestyle modification is the best way to deal with any disease. Hence, introducing the little bit variations in your daily routine like exercise and healthy food can keep you away from not only lung cancer, in fact, with all the other lethal diseases.

Though, you would get the feeling of pleasure and joy after the puff of the smoke, but you would intentionally ignore the disastrous impact of the smoking carcinogens, making your lungs handicapped day by day. So, here are the symptoms of the lung cancer which you should take seriously to add more years in your life.

1. Persistent cough



A cough can be due to the physiological and pathological response. When any foreign particle enters in the airways, the receptors constrict the airways and initiate the cough reflex. But when a cough is not going away by the time and becoming worst and worst, then it could be the potential indicator of any abnormality in the lungs.

Don’t ignore a cough by saying it’s just a cough. It can be productive or dry. When it is productive, it’ll be due to the Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease (COPD), compromised of either bronchitis (changes in the airway lining) or the emphysema (change in the alveoli structure). But if it is dry then the cancerous changes in the lungs can be the hidden cause of it.

Hence, you should consult with your doctor right away, if a cough is not going away with any medicine or cough syrup. Surely, your doctor will document all your complaints and may suggest you to have a chest X-ray or other test done.

2. Shortness of breathing



While climbing up stairs or walking on a sloped surface, you would experience the air hunger. But the people with the lung and heart disease, the simple walking without moving in any rough surface would find this task as the toughest job to do. Perhaps, when you find yourself deficient of oxygen while performing your daily routine’s task and that doesn’t happen previously, then it is the warning sign from your body.

Though, the lung cancer is not the single cause of the shortness of breath but it doesn’t mean that you simply ignore your condition and carry on with your work. Sooner or later, the symptom of the lung disease occurs but it is up to you that how early are you taking it seriously and reporting in the doctor’s clinic. Remember; sooner the lung cancer detected, greater would be your chances of early recovery.

3. Sudden weight loss



Whenever you lose extra kilos, you would celebrate your entire day due to this achievement but if it is just because of crash diet or the vigorous exercise regimen. Any tumor disturbs the metabolism and it causes a sudden lack of appetite. You may not detect any abnormal changes in the body but your body has the ability to respond and figure out the problem.

You often heard about the compensatory mechanisms of the body, like when any major artery blocks, the collateral arteries are opened and maintains the flow of the blood. Similarly, to heal the tumor, your body may be burning more and more calories by utilizing the muscle bulk or body’s fat, causing a sudden drop in the weight.

Weight loss related to cancer is still unexplained, but some researchers explained that this condition could refer to the cachexia- when your diet and exercise regimen is same and weight is dropping continuously. As this disease progresses, your body’s entire muscle bulk will be atrophied and body’s fat will be no longer lasts. So, observe the weight loss seriously.

4. Chest pain



Cardiac or pulmonary, both are the prominent reasons behind the chest pain. Chest pain is called Angina, which is categorically subdivided into stable angina, unstable angina, and nocturnal angina. It can be due to the blocked vessels of the heart or due to the tumor in the lungs. Other conditions also cause the chest pain like osteochondrosis, acid reflux, and gallstones, but the pain intensity and severity would be different.

If the chest pain is occurring due to the cardiac disorder, then you would feel that someone is putting pressure on your chest or squeezing it badly. But the pulmonary pain would be a little bit different from the cardiac pain. It would be severe when you cough, and the pain will radiate to the shoulders and the jaw. When cancer in the lungs spread and it affects the lining of the lungs, then you’ll experience the chest pain.  Lung cancer will affect the lymph nodes initially and maybe, it is the complication of any other cancer in your body.

Most commonly, metastasis occurs in the lungs due to the tumor in any other part of the body, indicating that the disease has been progressing too much. So, make sure when you visit your doctor for regular screening, don’t forget to mention every important detail related to chest pain.

5. Hand and finger pain



The pain in the hands and finger can be due to many reasons including, arthritis, muscle atrophy, and muscle cramps. But a recent study reported that the pain in the hands and fingers can also be due to the lung cancer and stomach cancer. Pain and fatigue are the most common markers of the lung cancer. Furthermore, when the pain and fatigue are constant, the skin will become whitish along with the pronounced folds, we call this condition as the tripe fingers.

When the cancer is growing over the time, the palmer skin becomes hyperstimulated. Consequently, the skin is proliferated and the skin becomes thick, scaly and whitish.

6. Change in voice



If you’re observing that your voice has been changed all of a sudden over a short course of time and you may sound hoarse, deeper or even raspier then, you should get checked to your doctor immediately. Though, the hoarse voice is related to the cold infection too, but if it is persistent, then it can be due to the nerve damage of the lungs or voice box because of the lung cancer.

7. Mood swings



In our society, we usually focus on more specific symptoms related to the disease, but sometimes, the psychological illness can also occur due to the abnormal anatomical deviation of the body’s function. Similarly, the episodes of anger, irritability, depression, exhaustion can also be due to the disturbance in the normal body’s function. In late or early stages of the lung cancer, mood swings are frequent. So, if you’re experiencing other symptoms along with mood swings, then fix your appointment with the doctor.

8. Headache



Though, this symptom doesn’t occur at an early stage but when cancer has been spread to the brain, and then it can cause frequent headaches. The lung cancer puts pressure on the major blood vessels of the brain, then it triggers a headache and then brain metastasis occurs. Hence, if the pain doesn’t go away with the pill, then you should not waste a single second and report in the emergency room straight away.

9. Frequent infections



Recurrence of bronchitis or pneumonia is not the good sign of your immune system. Whenever, any infection is occurring within a short time after its first episode, it means that your immune system is fighting with any other malignancy like lung cancer. Oncologist revealed the fact about the lung cancer that the infections during the lung cancer period are even much more common. Especially bacterial infections, that occur with the lung cancer destructs the respiratory tract and lobes of the lungs. Hence, you should go for a medical screening to detect the changes in the lungs earlier.

10. Bone pain



As deep, dull and achy pain corresponds to the muscular pain, the worst radiating pain from the shoulders to the entire back can be due to the lung cancer. Furthermore, the bone pain will occur at night and you won’t be able to take the full sleep.

Hence, you should be attentive when you have episodes of the pain.  Your each breath is due to the proper functioning of the lungs, heart, followed by the nerve signals by the brain, but when your lungs lose their efficiency due to cancer, your overall body systems disturbs. Thus, this condition will be favored by the further complications. So, don’t dismiss any above-listed symptoms and take them seriously.

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