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8 Category Of Friends That We All Have In Our Life!

Friends are like our family and we all have that one special friend in our life. But apart from that we do have other friends who became a part of our life!

‘Friends are the family that you choose’ – good or bad the choice is always yours. Friendship is a relation that needs no special day to be celebrated, as it’s a come with its own festivity every day. Here are 8 categories of friends we all have:

1. Bus/metro friend

This friendship starts when you travel from source to destination and stays throughout the journey of life. You may start talking with casual hi/hello which then goes on from anywhere between political affairs to movies to career goals and much more. There is an unsaid bond and a ‘no-expectation’ relation that grows into a real strong friendship. It’s best experienced than said!

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2. Social media friends

We depend on these friends only to increase the number of likes and ‘Aww’ comments on the photos. They have no connection with reality. We may even tend to cross paths in our every day life but we prefer not to start a conversation.

social media


3. Your partner’s best friend

You trust this person more than your partner for the only reason that they are your informers. This friendship is purely for receiving information, in fact you hardly know the person.

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4. Friends for ‘Bottom’s up’

Everyone has this category of friends whom we meet for those tequila shot or sometimes maybe a cup of coffee. Such friends are not necessarily met on every Friday evening but whenever you meet, surely you don’t mind going a little over board with that number of glasses and hours.

friends with beers


5. “I’m in a problem and I need you” Friend

They need a ride, want to borrow money, need some other favor – that’s the only time when this friend remembers you. Clearly you are treated as a friend for their benefit. But you kind of ignore that ideology of friendship and are always or most of the times there for them, when you are much needed.

money friend


6. The friendly one

The all in one friend, who can be caring like mom, irritating like sister and sometimes a real enemy. They are the ones who pull your legs and tell out all your secrets to everyone around but for sure if anyone else does the same to you, wouldn’t mind giving it back to them pretty hard.

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7. The ‘special’ one

“Friend” who’s more special than usual. You can do anything for that one person but you aren’t in any other relationship with them and sometimes hope to have one. You can’t see them cry, you love being around him/her, your heart melts every time you see them and your heart aches every time you see them with someone else, such is the feeling!!

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8. Childhood buddies

Now this is by far the best friendship and almost the only one that lasts life long. They know you even more than yourself.

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Having every kind of friend is the real fun of life! Right?

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