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7 Fashion Tips From British Designer, Giles Deacon

In 2006, Giles Deacon won British Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards and here are the 7 important fashion tips you can learn from him.

Giles Deacon is a British fashion designer, best known for his playful designs and his collaboration with High Street retailer. In 2004, Deacon was named ‘Best New Designer’ at the British Fashion Awards and in the following year he was given the Young Designer Award at Elle magazine‘s Style Awards. 2006 saw Deacon winning the British Fashion Council‘s Fashion Forward Award, being named British Fashion Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. He was named Best British Designer at the 2007 Elle Style Awards. Two years later, Deacon won the French ANDAM Fashion Award’s Grand Prix, becoming the second consecutive British designer to win the award following Gareth Pugh‘s win in 2008. In the same year, he was named GQ magazine‘s Designer of the Year.

Scroll down to see the designer challenging the traditional ideas of women wear with his seven rules of fashion.

1. Wear black and white.

giles deacon black and white dress

It works for anybody, anywhere, anytime! Black and white are two such classic colours, when put together, can make you look unique from the rest of the crowd. So next time while updating wardrobe don’t forget the black and white duo.


2. Dare to try something new.

giles deacon unique tops


That is the only way you can develop your sense of style. Just following the trends and what the others are up to will make your style a little boring. So trying something new which you think will look great on you will work. And what else can help you to boost your confidence level, ladies?

3. Be classic.

giles deacons whit shirt and jeans and jewellery


Jeans, white shirt, and chic jewellery always work. There are certain combinations that never fail. Jeans and white shirt are definitely one of those! And who don’t want look the best.

4. Be extravagant and decadent and work with volumes, fabrics and prints.

giles deacon prints


Don’t be shy or afraid to try out different fabrics and prints. A right print can give your sense of style that edge it might be lacking. Sticking to same can dull your overall personality with time. #ChangeIsTheOnlyConstant

5. Be true to your personality.

giles deacons different personalities


If you are wild, definitely go for the above. It’s essential to understand your personal sense of style and then dress up according to it. No one knows you better than yourself. And Fashion/Style is all about showing and representing yourself to the world.

6. Don’t buy shoes that are too small.

giles deacon shoes


Your feet need to be comfortable. So it’s important to buy footwear in which you are comfortable and which, of course, is your correct size. And if the base is strong everything is strong, take any venture.

7. Don’t worry about making fashion mistakes.

giles deacon mistake


It’s the only way you can make your style more brilliant. You’ll make mistakes and learn from them, so it’s okay! And learning is a continuous process that should be taken in our lifetime.